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    2020 Safety and Hygiene Procedures

    Purely Palace
    2020 Safety and Hygiene Procedures 

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    • Staff should be advised to practice social distancing by standing at least 1.5 m (6 ft) away from other workers.
    • Hand washing is indicated at least every 30 minutes or when necessary: after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, scratching, going to the bathroom, touching money, handling raw meat, touching door handles, doors or equipment, etc.
    • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth with your hands.
    • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue after coughing or sneezing or into your elbow, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands immediately.
    • Staff should shower daily and wear clean clothes every day.
    • Avoid shaking hands or hugging or kissing people as part of a greeting.
    • Wipe down your phone with a microfiber cloth every 60 minutes or when necessary.
    • In response to any inquiry regarding the epidemiological situation, avoid personal statements and inform about the important actions and measures that are being carried out to protect our health.
    • Vinyl floor graphics will be used to clearly show customers the distance they must maintain between one another where queuing is taking place.
    • Cleaning staff crew will sanitize indoor/outdoor offices after being used with Bactericide solution: surfaces, equipment or objects that are frequently touched such as: doorknobs, door handles, switches, railings, telephones, computers, desks, arm rests, etc. Each department will be responsible for cleaning thoroughly offices and equipment during shift.
    • The wearing of gloves is indicated to perform specific actions such as: folding towels or napkins, cleaning silverware and glassware, delivering petit four. Try not to interrupt the activity to make better use of gloves.
    • All our staff is required to wear protective face masks.
    • Staff should inform Public Relations of any possibly sick guests and Human Resources of any sick workers.
    • Each department should assign a briefing room with enough space to ensure sufficient distance and respect the social distancing measures.
    • The use of vending machines is forbidden.
    • Each hotel will recruit a hand-hygiene peer who will give special ATTENTION to the application of cleaning and disinfecting measures.
    • Vendors, concession holders such as Hotel Shops and DreamArt, Palace Elite sales staff or any other person who is not a guest will enter hotels through the team member access area and they all should have their temperatures taken, entire body and shoes thoroughly sanitized.

    Photo: Housekeeping diagram showcasing new safety and hygiene measures


    • Staff should clean and sanitize objects by using Bactericide solution: dining table, desks, phones, doorknobs, peepholes, drawer handles, minibar doors, liquor dispensers, switches, handrails, tent cards, safety boxes, TV remote controls, etc.
    • Bed linen should be removed after every check-out, that includes bed scarfs, boudoir pillows, pillow cases and bedspreads.
    • An electrostatic mist system will be used in all rooms by using Bactericide after the check-out process. A room sanitized tag will be placed on the door.
    • Bactericide solution and/or steam disinfection of mattresses will be performed upon the guest check-out.
    • Staff members should wear a face shield at all times. Masks will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after use.
    • Staff will load housekeeping trolleys with disinfectant gel and will apply on hands after routine cleaning of guest rooms.
    • Guests will be given a personal hygiene kit during check-in process.
    • Pen & pad will be temporarily removed in all guest rooms.


    • The Fitness Center, Bowling Room, Wired Lounge and Play Room should include units to dispense disinfectant gel at the welcoming entrance or reception areas. The staff provides the use of hand sanitizer before entering the area.
    • At the Gym, the staff will provide wipes to allow guests to self-clean equipments after they complete their workout.
    • At the Gym, Bowling Room, Wired Lounge, minigolf, bicycles and Play Room, all equipments, rugs, games and toys will be sanitized after each use or at least every 30 minutes by using SANI 950.
    • At the Gym, sauna and steam room remain temporarily suspended.
    • A certain number of people will be allowed to enter the Playroom, Wired, Gym and night clubs.
    • Electrostatic nebulization will be performed in all entertaining venues as soon as they are closed.
    • A maximum number of people will be able to attend indoor theaters increasing spacing between customers. In outdoor theaters, a row of seats will be left as a gap between the next set of people.

    Cleaning Staff

    • Staff sanitizes surfaces, equipment or objects frequently touched with Bactericide every 3 hours or as many times as needed:
    • Door hardware, handles, switches, handrails, railings, phones, remote controls and elevator buttons
    • Desks, arm rests, etc
    • Restroom furniture
    • Special attention should be given to the Fitness Center, Playroom and Wired. Cleaning and sanitizing equipment and games will be constantly and permanently.
    • Staff sanitizes objects that have been used or frequently touched: board games, books, etc.
    • We will have stations to dispense disinfectant gel in the different areas of the hotel including restaurants and front desk.
    • Electrostatic nebulization will be performed around pool areas by using Bactericide to sanitize sun loungers and cushions.
    • Staff will separate balinese beds and sun loungers in pairs by respecting social distancing rules.
    • Electrostatic nebulization with Bactericide will be performed in ballrooms before and after each use.
    • We limit the number of people getting into the elevator at the same time: horizontal hotel buildings allow 4 people and vertical hotel buildings allow 2.

    Food & Beverage

    • Guests should be reminded to use disinfectant gel when entering the restaurant.
    • Buffets will be suspended and restaurants will offer à la carte service.
    • Restaurants need to reduce capacity by 50% to respect social distancing rules.
    • Staff will disinfect tables by using antibacterial wipall solution and rinsing with water frequently.
    • Placemats, tablecloths and napkins will be replaced for clean sets after each service.
    • Staff will wash and disinfect trays and placemats by using a diluted bleach water solution.
    • Tables, arm rests and coffee tables will be sanitized with antibacterial wipall solution used to clean tables after each service.
    • Sanitizes restaurant, snack and cocktail menus with antibacterial wipall solution to clean surfaces after each service.
    • Sanitizes condiment holders with antibacterial wipall solution to disinfect high touch surfaces after each service.
    • Kitchen, restaurant and bar staff should perform hand disinfection every 30 minutes as strictly as possible.
    • Guests should avoid handling food at all times, we will direct waiters to bring food straight from the kitchen, snacks, bars, coffee places, banquets, coffee breaks and food stands.
    • Guests will be able to look through our menus by scanning a QR code, this will be an alternative way to avoid physical contact.
    • Hostesses will provide guests with damp clothes to sanitize their cell phones.
    • Tables will no longer have full setups. They will be equipped with strictly necessary plates and dinner sets.
    • At canteens, frontline staff will be required to wear a face shield at all times. Masks will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after use.
    • At canteens, kitchen staff will be serving meals from buffets, self-service is not allowed.


    • Staff will wash and disinfect bar counters every 30 minutes by using a diluted bleach water solution: pool, restaurant and lobby bars.
    • Wet Bars will remain temporarily suspended to avoid large groups of people coming together. Service will only be handled by waiters.

    Guest Transfers

    • All our transfers have a maximum capacity according to their size and they all should be completely sanitized after each service.
    • Passenger seating closest to the driver will be out of bounds.
    • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available in all units.


    • Staff will provide hand sanitizer for all hotel guests upon arrival after they get out of a car, bus, taxi or private car.
    • High-touch objects will be cleaned and disinfected every 30 minutes by using SANI 950: equipments, surfaces, podium, desks, computers, telephones, pens, tablets, etc.
    • Valet Parking service is temporarily suspended.
    • Guests will be kindly informed that their luggage will be subjected to a deep disinfection process upon arrival.
    • Staff will verify the correct use of the sanitizing shoe mats for all guests.

    Front Desk

    • Staff will clean and disinfect objects such as:equipment and surfaces that have been frequently touched - desks, computers, phones, pens, scissors, etc - by using SANI 950 solution and then will apply hand sanitizer.
    • It's important to place hand sanitizer on desks and counters and always within sight. Staff will encourage guests to use hand sanitizer before and after the check-in process.
    • During the check-in process, front desk staff gets feedback with a healthcare survey and asks kindly if they can take the temperature as a preventive measure. In case of symptoms, reception staff must leave it up to the medical services of the hotel.
    • Hand disinfection is indicated or hand washing with soap and water at least every 30 minutes or after direct contact with a guest.
    • Clear acrylic screens will be installed at the reception of our hotels and around desks ensuring greater protection for our guests and our staff members.
    • Wet roll towels delivery are suspended upon guests' arrival or during the check-in process.
    • At Le Blanc, hot neck wraps will be sanitized with SANI 950 after each use.
    • For guests, online check-in will be available prior to their arrival on our Palace Resorts App.

    Room Service Mini Bar

    • Trays and placemats will be washed and disinfected after each use by using a diluted bleach water solution.
    • All waiters shall wash their hands before and after each service.
    • Condiment holders will be sanitized with antibacterial wipall solution used to disinfect high touch surfaces after each service.
    • Equipment used by guests such as vases or removal of the service tray tent cards will be thoroughly sanitized with antibacterial wipall solution.
    • Placemats and tablecloths will be replaced for clean sets after each service.
    • Food should be delivered either covered or plastic wrapped.
    • All the products from the minibar left in the rooms after the check-out should be sanitized with SANI 950 in order to avoid contamination.
    • Room Service staff enables guests to choose if food can be delivered either outside the door or in a spot in the room.


    • Staff will make sure all employees, contractors and visitors use hand sanitizer prior entering the hotel facilities.
    • The staff from the security access control located near the employees' canteen will verify and promote regular and thorough hand-washing before entering the facilities.
    • Staff will verify the compliance of the sanitation protocol and will make sure that all employees who enter the gate walk through the disinfection tunnel.
    • Staff will verify the correct use of the sanitizing shoe mats.
    • Staff will verify the correct use of the thermal imaging camera or will take the employees’ body temperatures before allowing them to enter the worksite.


    • Drivers of golf carts, lobby to lobby buses and vans should completely clean and disinfect arm rests and railings without exception by using SANI 950 every 30 minutes.
    • The maximum capacity of golf carts will be of 2 people per row.

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