Free Inspirational Travel Event - AmaWaterways Returning to the Rivers

    Pick Your Time | 15:00 ET or 21:00 ET | November 24, 2020

    Free Inspirational Travel Event - AmaWaterways Returning to the Rivers

    DATE: November 24, 2020
    TIME: 15:00 ET or 21:00 ET
    LOCATION: Online-join in from the comfort of your home

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    What is the theme/value that you will present on the night of?

    AmaWaterways Returning to the Rivers

    Introduce yourself and your role.

    • Sandra Gardiner Director National Accounts for Canada (15:00 ET Presenter)
    • Shauna Carter BDM for Western Canada (21:00 ET Presenter)

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    Tell us a bit about AmaWaterways and the products and services AmaWaterways offers:

    A family-owned company celebrating 18 years on the river, AmaWaterways has grown from one to 25 ships sailing Europe’s Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Main, Rhône, Saône (2021), Seine, Garonne, Dordogne, Dutch and Belgian Waterways and Douro Rivers, Southeast Asia’s Mekong, Africa’s Chobe River and Egypt’s Nile River (2021). Led by experienced river cruise co-founders Rudi Schreiner and Kristin Karst, the company is renowned for:

    • Its innovative stateroom design featuring unique “twin balconies”
    • Its wellness activities including a wide choice of included shore excursions featuring biking and hiking options for the active traveller
    • Its award-winning dining—including The Chef’s Table specialty restaurant as well as complimentary fine wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

    Photo: Couple enjoying PRIMA Suite balcony view

    In which countries does AmaWaterways offer tours to? 

    • Europe
    • Asia
    • South Africa and Egypt

    What are key hotspots?

    Currently Europe and Egypt

    What types of tours does AmaWaterways offer, and which types of travellers does AmaWaterways cater to?

    River Cruises with included shore experiences catering to active demographic with average age being 45 to 70.

    How is AmaWaterways making an impact in local communities?

    Offering a Sustainable product and we were just awarded the Green Award across our fleet.

    If you had to recommend just one cruise to travellers who truly want to make a positive impact on the destination they’re visiting, which cruise would you recommend and why?

    All cruises have an aspect of positive impacts. For example:

    • Our wine cruises where we bring local North American wine hosts and feature their wines and experience regional local wineries where we can look at old world verses new world.
    • Africa where we cruise with an eco-friendly ship in order to preserve the animals and areas on the Chobe.
    • Asia where we fund a private school for the children in the nearby village and Siem Reap to ensure they have an education. We are always finding ways to preserve and protect and support where we visit.

    Photo: Guests enjoying wine in the PRIMA Wine Tasting Room

    What makes AmaWaterways unique?

    We are a family owned and operated company where our only focus is river cruising…no coach tours, no ocean cruises…just river. Our owners are front and centre and known by most of the travel advisor community for being engaged and interactive with advisors. We have the GodFather of River Cruising, Rudi Schreiner leading our company. We offer 98% support with our travel advisor community and not direct to the consumers. Our partners are truly valued by us. We are a company known for innovation, passion, preservation and love- Ama is a derivative of the Latin word love.

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    Family-owned and operated, AmaWaterways is known for its award-winning river cruise ships, exquisite cuisine, authentic experiences, and above all else, its unparalleled service.

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